Welcome to Foxbrush Property

London’s client-first block management agency

We understand the pains of being a leaseholder – we’ve been there ourselves. From terrible service to sky-high service charge bills, we’re putting an end to poor block management and putting the power back in the leaseholder’s hands.

Our values

Customer first, always

From customer satisfaction surveys to continuous competitor research and improvement, we’re serious about offering a better block management service than anyone else.

Straightforward communication

We always welcome your feedback and questions, and our highly responsive team is never hard to get a hold of. You can even tell us your preferred communication method.

Financial transparency

We never add commission to contracts or manipulate prices to our
benefit. Every year, you’ll receive full disclosure of all income received
in relation to your property.

Powered by technology

We’ve collaborated with technology partners to create an online portal that keeps all documentation organised and accessible, and communication quick and easy.


KF, leaseholder in block managed by Foxbrush

“Night and day when compared to our previous managing agent. Every email and request is dealt with quickly and efficiently. Edward knows the building like the back of his hand and quickly gets to the bottom of any issues. He even discovered that I was owed several thousand pounds due to historic billing issues and arranged a refund for me.”

KF, leaseholder in block managed by Foxbrush

RK, director of a shared freehold company for a block managed by Foxbrush

“Edward has been amazing. As well as sorting out multiple longstanding issues with the building itself (at much lower prices than we paid for our old agent’s contractors), he has created a long term maintenance plan and got the support of all the leaseholders by helping them understand what needed to be done and why – not an easy task when investing heavily in fire safety! All of his communications are clear and helpful and he provides invaluable support to us as a board”

RK, director of a shared freehold company for a block managed by Foxbrush

CS, consultancy client

“If it weren’t for Edward, I would probably still have water pouring down my kitchen wall and be locked in a dispute with the managing agent of my building. He helped me understand the right complaints escalation process and write a letter with the right focus to ensure they took it seriously. His review of the surveyor’s reports and invoices for work done helped identify what the issue really was so that it could be fixed.
Thank you!”

CS, consultancy client

TK, leaseholder in block managed by Foxbrush

“A great asset to the building and its residents! No matter the issue, however big, small or entrenched, Edward is always keen to assist; adeptly achieving speedy and successful resolution with clear, considered and consistent communication. Edward’s resourceful, knowledgeable, conscientious and incisive stewardship is incomparable. Since taking on the contract, he has made significant improvements in health and safety, security and general maintenance which gives us all real peace of mind that we are in good hands”

TK, leaseholder in block managed by Foxbrush


“Thank you! That really helped make sense of those strange bills. I’ll use the templates you provided again next year to challenge any
suspicious-looking incorrect items – it was great how you forced [my managing agent] to reply by invoking the relevant law”.

AT, consultancy client

Our story

Cambridge graduate and former management consultant Edward Williams set up Foxbrush Property as a means to deliver a block management service that puts the interests of leaseholders first. We experienced the pains of owning a flat, and are genuinely passionate about improving the standards in the industry.

Our services

Foxbrush Property offers a solution to frustrated leaseholders who are tired of dealing with
neglectful management agencies and enormous maintenance bills. Our fully managed service
relieves many of the headaches of owning a flat and can and can save you money on everything from repair costs
to major works.

Who we work with

Foxbrush manages residential and mixed-use buildings in London zone 1


Freeholders & head

We help property developers and groups of freeholders or head leaseholders ensure that their residents are happy, keeping them by the book when it comes to legal responsibilities.

Residents’ management

Did you know that you can still be in charge of the way your block is managed, even if you don’t own the freehold? If you don’t already have a residents’ management company, we’ll help you acquire the legal right to manage.

listed (1)

Listed buildings

Listed buildings are often complex to manage, having multiple leases in effect or special maintenance requirements. We appreciate the fine details of your property and can even commission building histories and heraldic art to complement its unique character.

Buildings of any size

Most block management agencies are only interested in looking after large blocks. At Foxbrush, we pride ourselves on delivering a comprehensive, reliable service, no matter the size of your property.

The Foxbrush portal

Manage your property from your phone or computer.

We’re bringing block management into the 21st century with a user-friendly app that streamlines communication and documentation.

  • Access all documents related to your building
  • Instant messaging to residents and owners
  • Report issues and submit maintenance requests
  • Check your account balance and payments due
  • Real-time status and financial updates on projects

Changing your managing agent is easier than you think

If you’re not happy with your current managing agent, contact us today to understand how to make a change. And when you appoint us to manage your block, you don’t need to worry about a difficult handover or issues with your former agent – we will take care of everything.

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